How to remove contamination.

Bind-It™  is a safe, gentle and extremely effective cleaner that binds and traps radioactive iodine, allowing it  to be removed from most surfaces and skin. When Radioactive Iodine leaves your cat’s body through urine, sweat, breath, etc., it can cause contamination.  If it comes in contact with a person, it may be absorbed and enter their thyroid.  Pregnant women and small children should be especially cautious around potentially contaminated areas. Minimize the danger, protect your family with the Bind-It™ Feline care pack.

How Bind-It works.

Bind-It™ products work by trapping the Radioactive Iodine in solution. Once in solution it can be wiped away or rinsed from surfaces that your cat may have contaminated as the Radioactive Iodine is eliminated from your cat’s body.

Bind-It™ Ready-to-Use Spray is ready to use on the litter box, floor, almost any surface that may be contaminated.  The spray head helps to soak the surface with Bind-It™ allowing it to go to work pulling the radioactive iodine off of almost any surface and locking it in solution so it can be safely wiped or rinsed away.
Just as with people, cats release radioactive iodine through perspiration. Unlike people, cats sweat mainly through their paws. Any place your cat walks or climbs should be decontaminated. Cats, being the agile animals that they are, jump onto and walk across furniture, beds, countertops, etc.  As they do this, they may be contaminating these surfaces with radioactive iodine.

Surfaces such as litter boxes, floors and toilets (if using flushable litter) should all be thoroughly cleaned with  Bind-It™ Ready-to-Use Spray to avoid spreading contamination.

Cats bathe themselves by licking their fur; the evaporation of saliva from their fur also helps to cool the cat. This frequent “bathing” will also cause contamination of their fur from saliva.  Because of this, your hands may become contaminated when handling your pet. Using Bind-It™ Hand Soap regularly over the course of the treatment period will reduce the risk of second hand exposure to family.

Simply spray the surface with Bind-It™ Ready-to-Use Spray and the solution starts to “bind up” the radioactive iodine. Then, using paper towels, wipe away the liquid and the trapped radioactive iodine.  These towels can now be stored in an isolated place to allow the Radioactive Iodine to naturally decay. This may take up to 90 days, they should then be safe to dispose of. Read the included instructions for more details.

Detailed instructions and suggested uses are included with your order.

Keep your household safe- use the Bind-It™ Feline care pack during your Cats post thyroid treatment period.

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