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What is Bind-It™

Bind-It™ is safe, gentle and extremely effective cleaner that binds, traps radioactive iodine allowing it  to be removed from most surfaces and skin. Bind-It™ products work by trapping the Radioactive Iodine in solution.  Then it can be wiped away or rinsed from surfaces that you may have contaminated as the Radioactive Iodine is eliminated from your cat.

Bind-It™ products are gentle enough for routine use and extremely effective at removing radioactive iodine (I131) contamination from almost any surface.  Bind-It™ will not stain surfaces. Use Bind-It™ anywhere you suspect contamination may be present.

Laboratory Technolgies, Inc. has been supplying Bind-It™ to laboratories, nuclear pharmacies and hospital and veterinarian nuclear medicine departments for more than 20 years.

In 2010 in response to an inquiry about using Bind-It™ at home,  we looked into what happens after a patient is administered Radioactive Iodine.  There is a tremendous amount of mis-information out there on the internet. After some research, we determined the best configurations of Bind-It  for home use. We developed  Bind-It™  Patient Care Packs for RAI patients.

Much to our surprise we discovered that Hyperthyroidism is also common in cats and there is a need for I131 cleanup in homes with cats that have had I131 thyroid treatment. In response to this we created  Bind-It™ Feline Care Packs  to allow cat owners to clean up the litter box area, areas that are frequented by cats. Using Bind-It™ Ready-to-Use Spray and Bind-It™ Hand Soap provides protection for your family from the Radioiodine.

There is a real need and desire to protect families from the dangers of second hand exposure to the radioactive iodine from Thyroid treatment patients, whether it is people or cats. Now, your family can get the same level of protection from second hand exposure that hospital workers get with Bind-It™.

Bind-It™ works by trapping the radioactive Iodine in solution where it can be safely removed.  If you are using paper towels to wipe away the Bind-It™, then the paper towels now contain the radioactive iodine. Nothing can “destroy” radiation, but using Bind-It™ allow you to contain and remove the radiation, so that is can decay in a safe location.

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